Dr Chivaugn Gordon

Dr Chivaugn Gordon is the head of Undergraduate Obstetrics & Gynaecology Education at UCT.  She graduated with an MBChB from UCT in 2003. She is a medical officer with diplomas in Mental Health and HIV Management. She has an MPhil in Health Professions Education (Stell.). Her interest in intimate partner violence was piqued during her years working in Psychiatry, where she witnessed first-hand the devastating consequences of IPV on women’s psychological and physical health. Though she left Psychiatry, what she had experienced during that time never left her. She ended up working on Professor Denny’s Khayelitsha Cervical Cancer Screening Project and then moved to her role in undergraduate education at Groote Schuur.  It became clear, in working with women for so many years, that IPV was rampant, but no-one seemed to be talking about it, much less teaching about it. She did a curriculum map of how and where IPV was taught in the UCT medical curriculum and found the training to be patchy and inadequate. She subsequently did a research project where she interviewed key stakeholders on what should be included in an IPV curriculum, and her teaching interventions for IPV were born. Both the research project poster and the teaching intervention itself have won awards at national and UCT conferences, and her IPV teaching continues to gain local and national attention. Recognising that victims of IPV can present in just about any discipline, she aims to prepare students and doctors to identify and manage IPV no matter where they will end up. Chivaugn spends most of her timing teaching 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year students, and running courses and assessments. She does HIV antenatal clinics as well as tertiary gynaecology clinics. The main thread of her research involves the development of social justice and advocacy in undergraduate students. She has presented her work both nationally and internationally.