Dr Rene Krause

  1. Dr Krause is a Family Physician with a masters degree in Palliative Medicine and a postgraduate diploma in Health Professional education. She is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health (University of Cape town) and convenor of the postgraduate diploma in Palliative Medicine. She assists in the 6th year lecturing and supervision during the rotation in Family Medicine. She also supervises Masters student in Palliative Medicine and supervises registrars of Family Medicine during their Palliative Medicine rotation. Clinically, Dr Krause has an honorary appointment at Groote Schuur hospital consulting in palliative care. In Groote Schuur Hospital she works alongside the oncology team doing combined ward rounds and consulting in palliative care across this 900-bed hospital. She is the principal investigator and coordinator in evaluating and introducing a palliative care course within the oncology registrar curriculum across 5 universities in South Africa.Dr Krause’s research interest is the strengthening and integration of Palliative Care practices in hospitals. Dr Krause is busy doing a PhD in the integration of palliative care in academic teaching hospitals within the Department of Family Medicine at UCT. Clinically, she works across the continuum of care from home, hospices and hospitals. She is situated in Family Medicine where the drive is to develop palliative care into all curriculums. Dr Krause works with the UCT cancer research initiative which ensures collaboration of cancer research from the lab, to the patient, to the home in low and middle-income countries.Dr Krause’s publication, presentations and external work:Publications
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    1. Serve on the national task team for Palliative Care Drug Availability
    2. Serve on the national task team for Palliative Care Education
    3. Chaired the Council of Medical Schemes task team on minimum prescribed benefits for palliative care patients (2017).
    4. Serve on the Council of Medical Schemes task team on benefits for gynie-oncology patients (2017)
    5. External lecturer and examiner for the University of Stellenbosch undergraduate Palliative Care module.